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Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (VESH) - Wichita

Walking Again with Multiple Myeloma

Collage of Zeus the aussie

Meet Zeus, a 12 year old Australian Shepherd who presented for hind end weakness, ataxia and marked proprioception deficits. He lost the use of his hind legs for a period of time. It was quickly realized that Zeus needed an MRI to obtain a diagnosis.

Zeus was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, plasma cell (bone marrow) tumors. He was taken to an oncologist for chemotherapy and then returned for care with his primary veterinarian, and later to Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital of Wichita for rehabilitation.

Zeus is now maintaining by coming in once a week for acupuncture and conditioning exercises with the owners working hard on his rehabilitation. Shannon Jacobs, a technician who has been immersed in Zeus’s recover says “I am so happy to work with amazing people at our hospital(from all services). I am beyond blessed to have an amazing mentor in Dr. Holly Smith. She is an extremely talented surgeon, acupuncturist and rehabilitation veterinarian. He [Zeus] has taken all of us on a roller coaster of emotions. So many staff members have curled up and snuggled with Zeus or gotten out some chicken just to give him a snack (he LOVES snacks).”

We spoke with his Fur-Mom who said “Watching this video reminded me, the oncologist at KState commented on how much muscle mass he has regained in the back end. She was super impressed!!!”