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Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (VESH) - Wichita

VESHW is Building a New Hospital

VESHW new building sketch

We're proud to announce the construction of our new hospital on the west side of Wichita near 21st Street North and Hoover Road, across from Sedgwick County Zoo. We expect the nearby landmarks and reference points along with good visibility from the street will save pet owners time in an emergency situation. The eight month construction period of the 12,500-square-foot hospital will begin in October, and includes renovating and expanding an existing building. In addition to our emergency doctors, we have exceptionally qualified specialists in general surgery, radiology, oral surgery, and ophthalmology. Our future goal is to expand our specialties to include cardiology, dermatology, and oncology. The new hospital will be able to better accommodate our expansion of advanced diagnostics equipment, including our heart-echo, ultra-sound, and recently acquired CT scan, which is currently the only veterinary CT offered in Wichita. Advanced CT technology provides 3D views used to diagnose spinal injuries, fractures, brain tumors and masses that x-ray and ultra sound have limitations on. Our existing practice will remain in place as an urgent care and minor emergency facility in the evenings and on weekends. Critical care patients will be transferred from the current location to the new veterinary hospital. These renderings will give you a sneak peak at what's to come!