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Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (VESH) - Wichita

Bella's Second Chance

Staff with patient Bella the husky

Bella is a husky with some serious issues. At 7-years-old, she was surrendered to Kansas Humane Society with several health risks. The most obvious health factor was her weight. Additionally, she was in dire need of dental care and had a least one mammary tumor.Bella’s consultation with Dr. Winter revealed she had been a cage chewer, which in excess wears the back of her canine teeth down until they lose their strength causing breakage. She also had painful fractures in a molar and premolar, requiring several extractions.Dr. Holly Smith gave Bella a full exam, affirming her mammary tumor and noticing several more nodes along her mammary channel, requiring surgery. The doctors determined is best to tackle the mammary surgery first and run the pathology to determine if the tumors were malignant before her extensive dental procedure.

On June 6th, Bella underwent surgery and her pathology came back malignant, locally. Dr. Smith was able to remove all of the cancerous tissue!

On August 9th, Bella returned for her final round of treatment, tackling her complicated oral health issues with Dr. Winter. With 60% of the tooth being below the gingival margin, radiographs were necessary to evaluate the anatomy of the root structure and health for an appropriate treatment plan. Dr Winter found: a complicated crown fracture on two teeth, four non-vital teeth with pulpitis and periapica, five missing teeth, and all of Bella’s teeth had a varying degree of abrasion, attrition, and uncomplicated crown fractures. Her surgical extractions went great and she’s on her way to a happy pain-free life!

Dr. Douglas Winter and Dr. Holly Smith are hero’s, taking on this complicated case in order to give Bella a second chance.