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Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (VESH) - Wichita

Paw It Forward Success - House Fire Rescue Puppy

New born puppy with profile

In November, a tragic house fire claimed the lives of several animals including the mother and littermates of this puppy. At just a few days old, he was rescued from beneath debris by firefighters and rushed to our care at Veterinary Emergency & Specialty hospital. He was treated for several days for third-degree burns and severe smoke inhalation. 

Our staff knew he would be a perfect candidate to receive a little help from our Paw It Forward Foundation, a donation funded program used to treat sick and injured pets in financial crisis. Once adopted, the pup was cared for and nursed back to health with much love and support by the Wichita community, including a story with KWCH news.

Now Sindile is four months old and thriving with his loving adopted Mom, Briana. She’s sharing images of his journey toward a new life. Thank you to all those who donate to Paw It Forward; we hope this story captures the miracle of life that Paw It Forward brings to animals in our community.

Watch his story here.