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Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (VESH) - Wichita

New Surgeon Partners with Rescue Group to Save Kitten

Male kitten surgery photos

‘Manhattan Brewing Company’, is a 12-week-old intact male domestic short-hair kitten. The kitten was under the care of Unleashed Pet Rescue and was referred to Wichita’s newest board-certified pet surgeon, Dr. Heather Towle Millard. The opening to the kitten's prepuce (sheath around his penis) was beginning to close over, causing urine to be trapped inside. He would frequently attempt to urinate, with only small drops of urine able to be expressed.

Upon arrival of his surgical consultation, the kitten's prepuce was the size of a large grape and filled with urine. Manhattan needed to have the prepuce surgically enlarged and reconstructed.

The surgery went fantastic, and Manhattan went home the next day! Now, he can urinate normally and will go on to live a normal life.