Emergency Services

The hospital is specifically designed and equipped to provide intensive/critical care for your pet when your primary care veterinarian is not available. Though no appointment is necessary for emergency services, you should call prior to arriving so our staff can prepare for your pet's medical emergency. Whether it is a minor or major medical problem, our emergency veterinarians and technical staff will provide your pet with the most comprehensive veterinary care possible.

Why Choose Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital?

Our state-of-the-art hospital and comprehensive in-house lab provides the highest level of medical care for your pet. The emergency room is open without appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and staffed by highly trained experts in emergent and critical care situations. Upon arrival, your pet will be triaged. This provides a rapid assessment of your pet's condition and ensures the most critical patients are able to be immediately stabilized and treated. Each pet will receive a severity rating and will be taken to the treatment area in order of severity.  We partner with your regular veterinarian and communicate all information about your visit to ensure proper after care is received and records are up-to-date.

List of Services Include:

• Intensive Patient Monitoring: ventilator, temperature, pulse oximetry/oxygen, ICU, humidity, blood pressure, and CVP
• Metabolic Disruptions: diabetic ketoacidosis, hypernatremia, hepatobiliary disease, IMHA/IMTP, peritonitis, renal failure
• Transfusions: blood typing, cross-matching, multi-lumen central line placement 
• Blood Services: pertoneal dialysis, hematocric & hemoglobin monitoring, STAT blood gas, coagulation monitoring
• Cardiac & Respiratory: tracheostomy, advanced COR and difibrillator, EKG monitoring, end-tidal capnography
• Reproductive Emergencies: medical and surgical treatment of dystocia, neo-natal incubators and intensive care
• Toxicologic Emergencies: antidotes include acetylcysteine, vitamin K1, lipid emulsion therapy
• Trauma Care: thoracic injuries, poly-trauma cases, vacuum therapy for wounds
• Isolation Unit: contagious disease ward
• Advanced Digital Imaging: CT scan, radiographs