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Our Services

We have been providing pets in the Wichita area the best 24/7/365 emergency and nursing care, as well as surgery and advanced dentistry since 1978. Our primary goal is to provide an emergency and intensive care facility for patients that are sick or injured when your regular veterinarian is not available. Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospial of Wichita does not offer non-emergency services such as vaccinations, neutering or spaying. Non-emergency conditions discovered in the course of the examination will be brought to the attention of you and your referring veterinarian.


Our services include:

Emergency | Surgery | Dentistry & Oral Surgery | Radiology

Referral Forms

Complete an Online Referral Form

Your fax or email of these forms serves as notification or reminder that you have sent a patient our way and gives us a good idea of where to place them on our schedule. Our receptionists use these forms to call your clients and get the appointments set up so that we can get them in as quickly as possible. Our doctors use these forms to determine if any additional information is needed prior to the appointment. Many of you also use the emergency referral form and that is very helpful to us as well when you either fax or send it with your client for transfer to our emergency service.