We knew exactly what we were headed for when we went to the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital one evening . Our 14 year old Schnoodle had been slowing down greatly, almost blind and almost completely deaf so one evening when he started having seizures that wouldn’t cease, rather than making him go through the night until we could go to our Vet the next day, we wrapped him up and went to the emergency hospital. We were greeted with great kindness from the receptionist as well as the veterinary assistant and they treated our dog, Rambo with great compassion. The Veterinarian gave us our options very kindly and did not force us into the decision that we knew we were going to have to make when we went there that night. They let us spend time with him and then the assistant made a lovely clay imprint of his paw and his name for us to keep. They made a very bad situation as easy as possible for us to deal with and we are very grateful.

— Doug & Terry Richards

To All Staff, especially Dr. Lofgreen,
Our family cannot express just how thankful we are for you and the whole staff at your hospital. Without your quick attention and knowledge, Miley would not be with us today. Also, the manner in which you treat the animals and their owners is amazing. The way I was kept informed of Miley’s condition made a huge difference for my state of mind during the whole ordeal! Thanks again for saving her life and taking excellent care of her.

—Love, Miley, Mandy Simpson and kids (Keelie, Kierstyn, Natalie)

I brought my little fluffy gray cat in with an emergency blockage in her urinary tract. Not only did they save her but made an extra effort to make it as affordable as they could for me, without skimping on care. Thanks!

— Amy Jo Lowe

To the VESHW staff and doctors, you all have so kind and generous. You have taken such good care of Luke. We appreciate everything you have done. We will never hesitate to refer your clinic to everyone. Thank you again and hope you enjoy the goodies. They come from our hearts. Thanks so much!

— Mark Jogel and family

To all the staff and doctors at the Emergency Hospital: my family would like to thank you for all your hard work with Princess. She is doing great and back to normal. She would not still be with us today if it were not for all the wonderful people you have there. You are all greatly appreciated! Thank you,

—The Epp family

Our dog Maxx got hit by a car 2 weeks after my back surgery and I saw it happen. My neighbors helped me load Maxx into my mom's truck and we rushed him to the E.R at 8:30 at night and this Pet E.R. saved my dog's life. I wanted to thank them so much, without them I wouldn't have Maxx today. They do and hopefully will continue to do great things for a long time to come. Again, I thank the Pet E.R. I recommend them highly!!!!

—Anonymous, Wichita, KS

Dr. Nawrocki, Thank you so much for such excellent service and doing such a great surgery on Alexy and saving him!

— The Molletts

Dr. Lofgreen, Thank you for your kindness during the difficult time. My yellow lab, Sunny, was a part of my life for a long time. You and your associates' compassion for us and Sunny was astounding. I have never met such great people at any vet before. Thanks. I really appreciate your care for Sunny!

— Judi Roe

In the past five years I have spent many days at several different hospitals. My wife has had several heart surgeries as well as two other major surgeries. In all my dealings with hospital personnel, I have never been shown the type of treatment that I received at your facility. The assistant who helped me with Cookie was very professional, extremely caring, and very confident in the manner she treated Cookie. Her personal attitude relieved a tremendous amount of stress for me, and I am truly appreciative of her caring and compassion at such a time. I later found out her name and my sincere thanks goes out to her and all your staff. I just wish the facilities who treat humans could follow Shannon's example when their patients are relying on them for the welfare of their loved ones. Please thank Shannon again for me and Cookie and congratulations to you for the staff you have, they are very special.

— Roger Clark

Thank you so much for taking care of my “Dakota”! She is all I have, and I love her with all my heart! I had a talk with her about staying out of the trash and being a good girl! She said she would try her best! Everyone here was so kind to us. All three times! Thank goodness for the Emergency Animal Hospital!

— With Love, Cameo (Dakota's Mom)

I don’t know how to thank you for saving Lopey. She was critical and almost in shock when I brought her in. If it hadn’t been for your excellent care she wouldn’t be here today. I appreciated the phone calls and visits for updates so much. She is doing incredibly well and is back to her old self. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas!

— Stacy Smith and Lopey

From the initial diagnosis to the continuing treatments, this has been a truly wonderful and amazing experience for which I am so grateful. All of the doctors are extremely knowledgeable and articulate, in addition to being kind and friendly as well. But most importantly, because of their close scrutiny and accurate diagnosis and the physical therapy treatments, my dog, Teddy, feels so much better and can walk so much better (and even run) than he did before his crippling fall off a couch. In fact, his whole disposition has changed. Teddy is now eager to go out, doesn't lie down in the grass after a few steps to rest and wants to go farther than we have walked for two years. This, to me, is miraculous and it makes me so happy that my eyes fill with tears. Aren't our pets special to us!? Thank you many times over to everyone at Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital of Wichita! And thank you as well to Skaer Veterinary for referring us to you.

— Ann and Teddy Martin