to our referring veterinarians:

Thank you for taking advantage of our online specialty referral forms. Your fax or email of these forms serves as notification or reminder that you have sent a patient our way and gives us a good idea of where to place them on our schedule. Our receptionists use these forms to call your clients and get the appointments set up so that we can get them in as quickly as possible. Our doctors use these forms to determine if any additional information is needed prior to the appointment. Many of you also use the emergency referral form and that is very helpful to us as well when you either fax or send it with your client for transfer to our emergency service.

You may have noticed that our customer service representatives are calling your office for records and information the week of your client’s referral appointments at VESHW. We are trying to be as diligent as possible in getting all pertinent records together for our specialists to review prior to initial consultations. We do not want to burden you when it comes to referrals, but we want to make sure that we have as much information, diagnostics, etc. available to us as possible so that we can give your clients and patients the best service possible. Thank you for your patience and cooperation with us as we find ways to make our hospital as efficient as it can be!

Emergency Referral Form

Specialty Referral Form