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James is devoted to his Boston terriers, so much so, that he has three generations living under one roof. He acquired Cookie when she was just a puppy, after breeding her, James kept one of her puppies, Pup Pup, who he also bred. Pup Pup was the mother to his final litter, from which he kept one puppy, Bubba. With no plans to continue breeding his beloved Boston terriers, James was content with his family of three.

Like many, James utilized a dogie-door to allow his dogs use of the backyard at their leisure. He had a tall wooden fence and never had an issue with his dogs getting out. One ordinary morning, James returned home from a short errand and caught a glimpse of a small black and white animal.  He supposed it was a cat under a vehicle near his home.  After second thought, he backed up to take a closer look and was surprised when Bubba came out from under the car and scurried into his arms, covered in blood.

James figured the dog had somehow escaped his yard and was struck by a vehicle. He immediately took Bubba to his primary veterinarian who referred Bubba to Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital [VESHW] for treatment due to the severity of his condition. Our doctors discovered the wounds were punctures, caused by an animal bite, not a car. In a panic, James called home to check on his other dogs. The next several moments were a whirlwind ending in a 911 call.

Somehow a pack of three dogs had managed to break into James’ yard, attacking his Boston terriers. Bubba retreated the same way the intruders came in, and hid under a vehicle. The other dogs ran back into their home, downstairs, and the attack escalated. When animal control officers arrived, Cookie was pinned down by the three larger dogs. They were able to break up the attack and get Cookie and Pup Pup to VESHW.

All three dogs needed surgery. “I was in absolute shock” James said, “and when I got there, everyone from the doctors to reception went to work immediately. We didn’t even have a conversation about money yet; their only concern was stabilizing my dogs.”

James worked for the City of Wichita for 40 years, retiring in 2012, but after applying for payment options, the remaining cost of treatment was beyond his means. That’s when The Paw It Forward Foundation was suggested. “The application process was fast and went smoothly” James said, “I am so grateful. They really went out of their way to help me and always kept me updated on the status of my dogs.”

Bubba was able to return home the following day, Pup Pup after two days and Cookie on the third day. However, Pup Pup refused to eat at home and by the third day, James brought her back into the hospital. The skin around her wounds was dying and her blood levels were showing signs of sepsis. She was hospitalized once again; the entire staff had become emotionally invested, desperately wanting her to survive, but she was spiraling. After three days of aggressive treatment, Pup Pup went into cardiac arrest. Seven minutes of CPR was performed, but tragically, Pup Pup passed.

James wanted to share his story in hopes the heartache of his event serves as a lesson to others. He said “Just because you have a fence doesn’t mean your dogs are safe. Use dog doors with caution and be mindful of your surroundings.”  In the end, James is thankful the Paw It Forward Foundation financially helped allow his other two dogs to return home.


3rd Annual Canines At Cowtown Fundraising Event

Join us for our 3rd Annual Canines At Cowtown Fundraiser to benefit The Paw It Forward Foundation! Bring the whole pack and explore Old Cowtown Museum. We'll have RedRock Photography of Wichita taking your family portraits with your pup.* Admission: $10 Adults at the door

Children 10 years and under are FREE
Dogs are FREE!

*Portrait sitting fee $10 per adult, you will be able to choose from your gallery of photos for $5/ea. 100% sitting fee benefits The Paw It Forward Foundation! We appreciate your generosity!

About The Paw It Forward Foundation

The Paw It Forward Foundation is a non-profit fund, for the purpose of providing financial assistance to pet owners in need. 100% of every dollar donated to the Paw It Forward Foundation is used to treat sick or injured animals.
The Paw It Forward donated funds are available for patients being treated at the hospital and are used solely toward:

  • Funding for Good Samaritan cases
  • Assistance for pet owners in demonstrated financial crisis
  • Funding for pets harmed or displaced due to local disaster

Event Rules:

  • Dogs attending must be 6 months or older, in good health and current on all vaccinations.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times. No retractable leashes, please.
  • Female dogs in season may not attend.

* If your dog shows any sign of aggression, you may be asked to leave. Event will take place rain or shine, no refunds.

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We can’t wait to see you!

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It has begun! The much anticipated groundbreaking construction of a new hospital on the west side of Wichita near 21st Street North and Hoover Road, across from Sedgwick County Zoo. The nearby landmarks and reference points along with good visibility from the street will save pet owners time in an emergency situation. The nine month construction period of the hospital has begun, and includes renovating and expanding an existing building.

In addition to emergency doctors, VESHW employs exceptionally qualified specialists in radiology, and oral surgery. The future goal is to expand on these specialties to include cardiology, dermatology, and oncology. The new space reflects VESHW’s progressive medical approach, and will be able to better accommodate expansion of advanced diagnostics equipment, including heart-echo, ultra-sound, and CT scan.

Rebecca and her husband used to have five dogs that all loved playing together in their big yard. Rufus was the youngest, and his best buddy was Cabo.

"I got Ruffes as a birthday present for my husband last January. He just loved him," Becky says. All that ended when their house burned to the ground. They lost everything, including three of their dogs, one of which was Cabo. Ruffes survived, in fact, it appears another dog in the house laid over him, protecting him from the flames. Ruffes spent the first night in a hotel room with his owners. They said that he coughed, gagged and vomited all night.

When Ruffes came to us our recommendation was to hospitalize him for supportive care, with oxygen supplement, and perform diagnostics.

His family, who had lost everything in the fire, were approved for a Paw It Forward grant to get Ruffes back on his feet. "It gave us the opportunity to treat him. Otherwise we would have had to euthanize him. We had just lost three of our dogs, I can't imagine having to put another one to sleep," Becky explained. 

Ruffes had suffered severe second and third degree burns, along with smoke inhalation. Initially his skin wounds would require several treatments a day followed by wound management for several weeks. We continued pain medications, antibiotics, and other supportive care along with daily wound cleaning, debridement, laser therapy, and bandaging. At some point, we would need to teach his owners how to care for his wounds when he was stable enough to return home.
In the early days, Ruffes required sedation for his daily bandage changes, because his wounds were too painful to handle while awake.

Within four days of the incident, he was eagerly eating, helping his healing rate.

By the sixth day, he was able to return home. He needed to return daily for bandage changes, but was eventually weaned from the daily sedation. "He has a long way to go, physically and emotionally", Becky said. "But having Ruffes home helps our family heal. When we see him it feels like we haven't quite lost everything. He helps me heal, and I help him. I want to do all I can for him and I just keep praying."

She went on to say "The doctors and staff have been so great. I can't say enough good things about them. They love him, they're invested in him and I appreciate them so much. When I take him in every day they're so happy to see him. They've made this whole process easier on us."